Saturday, November 06, 2004

Why Coffee with God ???

I Chose coffee with God as my web site because I often go out for coffee with him. It sounds wierd I know, but wouldn't you go out with a freind to spend time together? I tell you, God and I have had some very special times together. There are times where I will just sit and read his word, where other times he will put things on my heart to write about. My relationship with God has increased dramatically through these times. I can remember when my three year old was born, I took the year off to be with him. That year was one of the best years I have had with God, due to the time that I spent going out with him.
My life gets very busy with five kids but I desire to continue to go out with God on a regular basis. My oldest son is starting to ask me when he can come with what a blessing that would be to teach my son to have an intimate relationship with his God.....I can't think of a greater reward (well maybe one) I encourage anyone that reads this post to find as much time as you can to either go out with God or continue to meet with him in your closet (wherever that is)

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