Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Batter up

I went for coffee with God to Montana's restaurant back on July 29/02

I would like to share with you what he put on my heart.

" Picture your family on a baseball field. Your family is on the bases waiting for you to go to bat for them. If you will not go to bat then eventually they are going to give up hope that you are going to bat and they will walk off the field. I need you to take hold of the bat and step up to your God given place, the batting mound. All you need to do is grab the bat and I will do everything else. When you grab the bat, I will flow through you and you will hit the ball and your family will advance. Everytime that you hit the ball, you will be bringing your family closer to home plate. The bat is a representation of prayer. When you pick up the bat of prayer, you will hit the ball everytime, as long as you hit it with prayer. There will be times where you will wind up and hit a grand slam. At times it will seem as though nothing is happening. You will walk up to the plate . The pitcher will look around and make plays with the back catcher. It will seem as though time is standing still. Then the pitcher will release the ball and you will see it coming and embracing the bat of prayer you hear CRACK. The ball is high and gone. The ball represents the trials that come your way. And Satan is the pitcher. So in all things make sure that you hit the ball on behalf of your family."

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