Friday, February 11, 2005

Managing is so essential

I have been thinking a lot about things as of late and have come to the realization that it is absolutely curtail for a family to be functioning well before a person steps into ministry or a greater leadership position. It is almost like a probation period where God says Okay, you want to do this do you. Well I'll tell you what, I will give you a wife and five children to see if you truly are equipped for more things. During this time we reflect the fruit in our lives and it shows in our children and dear wives...Good or bad. You see I am very reluctant to accept ministry apprentices or leadership positions for that very reason. God has asked me to focus on one thing and by the mercy of God I will get there.

I am beginning to understand why God used the family as a testing ground.
1. Discipline....If we don't discipline our children when they are out of line, we will not discipline those in our spiritual care when they are out of line.
2. Honor....If we are not honoring our wives in the home, we will not be honoring those outside the home.
3.Finances...If we do not get a good grasp of how to spend and manage money that God has given us as a family to use, why would he give us way more to manage the financial affairs of his kingdom.
Leadership....It is so very important that we get this right. If a man does not take the spiritual role in his family, all will suffer. As well as the other members of the family have to move into roles that God never intended for them. Likewise if we are not taking spiritual leadership in our own homes, will we take lead elsewhere?
I am so very blessed that God is taking me through this time of my life. I pray that I will reap the rewards at a future time. I do know one thing it will give him honor and glory. And that makes it all worthwhile.


Brad the Dad said...

Wow, it is so refreshing to hear this stuff. We have been inundated these days with the push for ministry and yet each day is a training ground when you have a family. I wonder how many have shipwrecked their families and their ministries because they didn't get this? Keep up the good work, dad.

A. said...

This is a good list of qualities and a reminder that ministry is more then what is on for public show. There are many families that just don't get it, but are in ministry anyway. My darling husband and I have commited ourselves to stepping up to serve in the next year or two, because we see so many people going about serving our church in the wrong way. Thank you! Very timely advise for me :)

CWG said...

I encourage you in your quest for pursuing truth on this issue. It takes a strong family to back down from ministry to minister to each other.