Sunday, March 06, 2005

The watchman

I love the biblical analogy of being a watchman. It teaches us to be alert and watch for the enemies attacks. Well today I didn't see him coming and got bushwacked. Today is my official anniversary although we celebrated it a few days ago. After church my wife and I got into a heated argument over something that we both felt justified in. We ended up in a fury and it ruined our afternoon. When we came together to talk about it we mended our ways and sought reconciliation with each other. After that though I realized that the enemy was trying to steal the gifts that God had given us a few days earlier. It seems to be a pattern in our marriage where God does some breakthrough in our lives and then we get tested immediately. Well I stand here a little beat up but in love with my God and my wife and I will stand with her and fight on her behalf in the heavenlies as well as for her identity. Satan tried to take us out today but in the end we are still strong and more alert of his cunning ways. To God be the glory for happiness and struggle for we grow closer to him and each other in the end.

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