Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Seeing with open eyes

The prophet Elisha is my hero. He saw things that I can only dream about at this point. Everything that I do I try to see things through Elisha's eyes. When the King's army surrounded Elisha's camp, his servant came out and freaked. "Holy crap, we're doomed" (in modern english) Elisha came out, stretched, poured a cup of coffee, and looked out into the distance. He smiled and prayed "Oh Lord open my dear servants eyes so that this man may see" And then the servant looked out again and saw God's army surrounding the enemy.
I want to be able to see was is being said or done behind the scenes. I get into situations where I am hearing people talk or watching them (you can learn a lot about someone by simply watching them. I love doing that.) and I start to see the bigger picture as I like to call it. I am by no means there yet but it is the desire of my heart to see through situations and to be able to speak to that which I see.


rene the rugrat said...

Okay, I am scared

Benjamin said...

CWG: I agree whole heartedly, Brother. Elisha to me is one of the most underappreciated characters of the Bible, because he had such an intimate walk with God. If he prayed, God granted. Why? Because (and this is reading in between the lines) he spent hours of meditative prayer with God. I say that because we find him often inside his hut (2 Kings 5:9,10, 24-27). What is amazing is it said that the Spirit of Elsha, through the Holy Spirit, followed after Gehazi! To think that the same Spirit comes to dwell and fill every believers souls overwhelms me. I wonder if the Lord will enable us to do likewise, because Paul said he also judged in the spirit, though away in body (1 Cor. 5:3). There's something that needs to be looked at a bit closer. May the Lord reveal the truth of this possibly neglected role of the Spirit. God bless, Brother. Keep on seeking to see the bigger portrait God is painting. Ciao.