Saturday, June 11, 2005

trusting God

Lawn mower:
I am a firm believer in trusting God for things. I believe that he owns everything and allows us to use some of his things. I believe that he put me in my house in Riversdale (the inner city) (second best to pleasant hill) I believe that he provided my family with a wonderful Safari van. This leads me to my post.
I have no lawn mower. I own (or at least will own) my house and cannot cut my grass unless I rely on someone else to lend me their mower. Last year I think I only cut my grass 6 times. I am not ashamed to ask for help so this year I have been asking people if I could use their lawn mowers. Unfortunatey the first two I borrowed didn't work. I borrowed one today from a freind in my community, and it worked great. My wife mentioned that there was another family that offered thier mower as well. The mower I borrowed was an old mower but man did it sound good. I love the sound of old ratty engines, Espescially if it smells like gas. (must be a guy thing) Anyway my point is that as I was cutting the grass, I was chatting with God and saying "You know God, your house really needs to have the grass cut, do you think you can provide a mower that I can have in order to cut the grass weekly"
That was cool because I want to have the faith in God that he will supply all of my needs.

Okay a little long winded but bear with me. I have one pair of pants and one pair of shorts, a few shirts that I have had for years that are worthy to be seen in. I have not bought clothes since the fall of 2003. It is not that I dont like shopping for clothes (in fact I like it more that my wife) it's just that after all the bills are paid and the kids are fed, there is not much left over for the extra's. God has been so faithful in keeping our clothes on and in good repair. My friend in Calgary is baffled by the way God cares for us. Clothes are another area that I am trusting God in because in my job it is crutial for me to dress well as I represent the company as I am out in the community. Please do not read this as a cry for help, it is a testimony of God's faithfulness. And in trusting him for needs. Well I feel that I have exhasted myself here so I will stop with this.

"Gods work done in Gods way will never lack God's supply"



carebear said...

Was one of the broken lawn mowers ours???? LOL

CWG said...

ummmmm...yeah....but I was blessed none the less.

carebear said...

Hey, how come I'm not on your list of blogs?