Saturday, August 13, 2005

Been tagged by Truth bringer (my boy)

My son has posted his tag on his blog, and he tagged me so here I go...

10 years ago....

... I was living in Calgary, preparing to move to Saskatoon to help plant a Vineyard church.
... I was a security guard
... I was younger
... I was very immature (my priorities were out of whack)
... I was attending a smokin good church
... I had 2 children (one living, one in heaven)

1 year ago....

... I was still younger
... I applied for a car loan only to be denied
... God started to teach me in more depth about managing my family "well"
... I was attending another smokin good church
... My pastor started discipling me (mid way through last year)
... I had 5 more children (4 living, another in heaven)


...I spent time with two close brothers.
...I worked
...I watched movies with my kids
...Went to bed early


...I might be taking my son to camp with a friend
...I am going to church
...I am planning on spending time with my family for the remainder of the day

5 Snacks I enjoy...

1. Ripple chips & french onion dip (with a very large glass of ice cold Coke)
2. My homemade nacho's
3. Popcorn
4. Delivered Chinese food (my wife and I enjoy ordering Chinese after our kids go to bed...mmmm)
5. Frozen berries

Best impression,s

1. Mr.Bean "The name's bean"
2. Jonny five (Short circuit) any quote
3. Bruce Almighty (It's gooood) (so my son tells me)

5 thing's I would do with $100,000,000

1. Tithe
2. Pray and discern about who to bless with it. (many people suddenly become friends when there is a windfall)
3. Buy up as many properties in the inner city and revitalize them. Then Turn them into affordable housing for low income families.
4. Pay off some freinds debt.
5. Build my mom and dad a dream home complete with a full sized library. One story bungalo...NO STAIRS to fall down.

5 locations I would like to run away to...

1. Scotland
2. Peru
3. Maritimes
4. Paris
5. Europe

5 bad habits of mine

1. Procrastination.
2. Driving the speed limit in the lefthand lane.
3. I smell everthing. (that's how I know when my clothes are dirty or clean, drives my wife crazy)
4. Arguing with my kids (senselessly), not knowing when to punt.
5. My need to conquer. (When I play game cube with my boy's I get grumpy if they wont let me play.....after all I'm spending 'quality time' with them, why woudn't they want to let me play) Even though once I start playing, they dont usually get to play for errr shall we say...a while.

5 things I love doing

1. Watching an action movie on Friday nights at midnight, once everyone is in bed. It's some me time that I really enjoy.
2. Blogging
3. Going for coffee with my friends
4. Spending time with my family. (My favorite)
5. Driving on the open road trips, mountains, day trips, whatever, as long as I get to drive.

5 things I would never wear

1. Muscle shirts
2. Speedo's
3. Leather pant's
4. Suspenders
5. Overalls

5 Movies that I like

1. Robin hood prince of thieves (Kevin Costner)
2. LOTR series
3. King Arthur
4. "Bean" the movie
5. The origional Matrix

5 famous people that I would like to meet...

1. The bloggless one
2. John MacArthur
3. Chuck Swindoll
4. Loren Cunningham
5. Keith Green

5 biggest joys at the moment

1. My wife
2. My Children
3. My church
4. My job
5. My house

5 favorte toys

1. Computer
2. NHL 2000
3. Fire pit
4. My newly purchased $2 Cappuccino maker and steamer
5. My boys game cube

It looks like I got the last word as everyone else has been tagged.


CWGJR said...

TB Here,
Funny LOL p:)

Nin said...

I'm glad to hear you would never wear leather pants.....egggghhhh....shiver.
I'd also love to hear your Bean impressions sometime! I think it's funny that you're the only one who was smart enough to think to tithe your 100,000,000$
three cheers to you! ;)

carebear said...

That's funny, you'd like to meet "the bloglessone"
you took out what you said you would put.......

Fire Starter said...

Soooo, am I the friend in debt???

Moose said...

Cool CWG...great way to get to know ya better, I knew some of that, but was good to find out more about you bro. God Bless Ya Real Good man!