Saturday, August 06, 2005

Investing in our kids

The past few days, my wife and I have been spending alot of time with our kids. Last night we took our kids to the movies. My wife took my two oldest boys to see Star wars, and I took our three youngest to see Madagascar. (I think I saw the better movie).....just a little poke at you know who... anyways we got them the usual treats at the show, then took them to Mc Donalds for ice cream. Today we took them to Valley Regional Park. (about 60 km's north of Saskatoon) Anyway, it is awsome for the kids. We had a picnic luncch and took a long walk. Then came back into the city and rented Fat Albert to watch over a home cooked meal of chicken cordon blue. It is so utterly important to invest in our kids. I would scrimp and save anything to spend time with them, and build into them.

Tickets to the movies...$25
Popcorn and drinks....$22
Ice cream treats...$10
Day trip to Valley regional park $20

Seeing the happiness and joy on our kids faces......PRICELESS

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