Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A little insight

I feel the need to share in greater detail the journey that I am on. Reading others blogs is very inspiring. I love doing it. I enjoy seeing God work in others lives. On the other hand I am very much a person that strongly values relationship. I am concerned that blogging could replace the intimacy shared between friends. I also agree that blogging can open windows to relationships.

I wonder if blogging takes away a little bit of that intimacy. If I am daily reading blogs of those that I are in my church, and I'm not spending time with them, I am getting information over the internet. Personally I would like to have a relationship with a person as well as reading thier blog. It then compliments the relationship. I was challenged tonight by a friend that reminded me that I cannot be friends with everyone. This is true.

I often assume the role of a watchman in situations, so I could very well be doing that here.

I don't like things that get clicky, so that could be another thing. Often when things get to be the next best thing since sliced bread, I step back asI don't enjoy that environment. It must be a part of who I am. Blogging could be that. It could get clicky and it is becoming very popular. I really wish that I could explain it the way that I feel it because in my heart it makes sense. The last thing that I want to do though is cast judgement on fellow bloggers as that is not my intent. So bear with me as I wrestle this out. Perhaps I was too quick to post on that topic. Anyway God will be faithful to reveal his truth. I can put my trust in that fact.


Let Grace Rain Down said...

I totally understand your heart. I feel the same way, and for awhile there I was going to stop. My thought is this....fellowship is being in someones life, and yes blogging you are " partly in their lives." But how much can you tell about a persons Spirit, and the condition it is in over the net? Thank you for comferming what has been said to me, be blessed!

carebear said...

well, as long as we are connected, then blogging can only add to God's work...if done in wisdom and honesty.

thanks for the insight. It answered alot of questions I had.
Keep on truckin'

rene the rugrat said...

I need to affirm you on this and advise you to fall silent regarding any further defense of your position.

As you said, you can not put your finger on it. A person can smell rot before they can identify it and that my friend may be what is happening here.

You are smelling a noxious odor, you know it is coming from the blogging world but have no idea exactly where it is eminating from.

EVERYONE think of this like a piece of meat rotting in a cupboard. You can smell it but it is not until every container in the kitchen has been checked that you find the source.

carebear said...

I am sorry for being so defensive on this issue. Whatever God is speaking to you regarding this, I am now open to hear....

Please accept my apologies (ironic that I am reconciling with you "online") Blessings

CWG said...

Only you would refer to a rotten piece of meat. thanks for the encouragement.

No worries, I understand your heart.

Chelsea said...

AMEN AMEN AMEN! Go brother Go. I have been feeling the same thing for a while...hence my very seldom posts...we can spend an hour reading posts every few days or we can go out and spend that hour with the people...I actually wasn't going to check your post today but I am so glad I did.
We need relationship and if we share everything we are learning in our posts what do we have to talk about when we do get together??? Or do we get together...
Jesus please teach us how to use these blogs or if we even should. Be our guide and reveal to us whatever you want.