Monday, February 20, 2006

There is so much truth to be found

Man oh man is my mind in a tizzy (can a guy use that word?)

So many things that I need clarity on..So many things I need Gods truth in. Where to begin....agghhh

1. First Nation issues
When I am in prayer meetings there is often a lot of prayer about first nation reconciliation, and healing for that people group. However when I am in that place of prayer there is not much there in terms of a response in my spirit. I feel that there is something deeper that is on the heart of God. What I am not sure but something just doesnt fit for me. And so I press on.

2. The harvest
So many people talk about the harvest coming 'soon'. What on earth does that mean. What does it look like when the harvest that God speaks about comes on earth. I think that God has always intended there to be a harvest. In my understanding thus far, the harvest is always to be sought after. There will always be lost souls ready to meet their savior Jesus Christ. There is so much more regarding the harvest that I believe God wants to show us.

3. The emphasis on feeling
It bothers me how so often we depend on feelings to dictate our spiritual wellness. If we 'feel' God moving it must be good. If we feel moved by worship, it was holy, If we cry in intercession, God must have been there. On the flip side, if we worship and there isn't much feeling, if we pray and feel dry we are concerned that we are'nt in the groove, etc. I am not trying to be cynical, just proving a point. I want to pursue the heart of God and trust him for who he is not for what I feel. I really want to pursue this. There is too much emphasis on the way we feel about things. God is God period whether or not we feel good about it or have those days where it doesnt feel too good.

4. Age of accountability
I often wonder if we put too much expectation on our kids to be little spiritual giants. I mean how young is too young. Children have the minds of...well children. Do we put expectations on them when they are simply to be children and be reared into a relationship with Christ? This one really bugs me. (Bugs me to know the truth behind it)

There is so much to learn as we really get into the word of God. He has given us so much, It is vital that we search out the truths in scripture. It is our lifeline. I will post more as more comes clear. For now these are the things that I am searching for truth on.


Let Grace Rain Down said...

Hey there cwg! I think that tizzy is a male/female word. At least I am sure that dictionary doesn't define it either way. You have alot on your heart, and it is amazing how God moves in us all. I know, that my walk has been an emotional rollercoaster ride. I know that it is not suppose to be that way, and I desire the same thing. To really understand the heart of God in every situation. Can't help I am a woman, lol. But for real I wonder sometimes what, if even for a moment, Gods heart would look like. And would it be different from others or would it look the same. Seeing as he created us different.

Anyway, I pray that in God's timing he may reveal the things of your heart.

Blessings, your sister in Christ

Nin said...

thanks for sharing. keep us updated as you seek His heart and learn more. thanks again for your advice when we came over. we are putting it into practice, "one small thing at a time" and it's feeling a lot less heavy. you guys are awesome, and I'm so glad to know you. I'm "feeling" (lol) all mushy tonight, just really loving and appreciating my family, so blessed.

carebear said...

Those are great thoughts. Your always pondering something....

It's people like you with such discerning spirit that makes us all think alittle more. I think that God is bigger than all our preconcived ideas.
The one thing out of your post that I've walked through for a long time is this whole feelings thing.....(sigh)

I agree. And for people wired like me, it's so important that the feelings that God gifted us with and that passion is a response to THE FACTS. To have a foundation layed without the feelings first. About 2 years ago, God really took my feelings away from me. Sometimes, when I sing the song "blessed be your name...YOU GIVE AND TAKE AWAY" I think of how He, in His loving kindness took my feelings away. THat was critical to my spiritual growth!
I feel right off the wagon! I feel right into the pit of my misconcived warped view of God. He had to rebuild it all...and STILL IS of course. I was afraid to show my feelings, or cry or dance in church, you know, all that "feeling" stuff. But God started giving back as He felt I could "spend it wisely" Being a good steward of what he's given me. I still have to conciously keep my heart in check, and submitting my emotions being that I'm such a feeling person, but I'm learning to be blessed and thankful that God gave me the ability to cry, feel deeply and be sensitive.
I used to have these ideas too, that those that cryed, or showed those "feeling" manifestations were more spiritual. What A LIE! All of us are made of parts and we all need eachother!
Thanks again for sharing!
(sorry for the book)

carebear said...

Typo correction!

I FELL off the wagon, FELL into the pit...Not FEEL

Leighton Tebay said...

About the intercession thing. I've never really understood why "intercession" is such a big thing for people when it really isn't a theme at all in the New Testament. I believe the issue of racial reconciliation is a very important one but there has to be some point where we um actually start the process of reconciling.

I'm still waiting for the big revival just around the corner. I've been waiting since I started hearing about it 15 years ago.

I think these two thoughts are tied together in one way. They both speak of a church content to pray behind walls instead of going out and doing the work of ministry.

Brad the Dad said...

Hey CWG,
Yeah the feelings thing can be a bit trippy. For me I have found that there is a real joy in connecting emotionally with God. I was raised to believe in the old Fact-Faith-Emotion train analogy (gag), but the problem was everyone was so worried about getting the facts right that they never did connect it with enough faith to walk it out and our emotions never did connect with God. I think it is a mistake to worry about the emotions the way we do. The other thing is that you never see anyone worried about someone being too stoic or reserved. It's always the passionate ones who garner the most bad press. Maybe we should freak some people out by asking them why being in the presence of the authour of life evokes no life in them. Perhaps we could talk to the elders board and see if they could address the rampant 'worship apathy', because it really is very distracting.
All sarcasm aside though, I think our emotional response to truth is the least of our problems. If enthusiastic worship doesn't 'dance in the streets' it is useless showmanship and if the reserved analysis isn't 'turning stones' in those same streets it is equally useless.

CWG said...

Good point Brad

I was "feeling" a bit frustrated at my responses in worship a few weeks ago. My kids were all over the place and I was trying to muster up some feelings for worship. I totally agree with you that our devotion and time with God sould warrent a response. Relationships do that. We truly need to pursue the heart of God. The feeling is a gift to that devotion. (Hope you are doing well)

rene the rugrat said...

Would you not say that Brad is incorrect regarding no one being concerned that some people are too stoic or reserved?

As I read that comment it struck me that you have expressed those concerns to me regarding myself.

"Where is the heart, I want to see your heart". - sound familiar?

Let Grace Rain Down said...

Okay as I read your comments something stood out to be. That is God knows our hearts, whether we show it or not. But God also wants us to passionately purse him, in our own way. And some dance in the streets while others look on, and maybe it is not in them to dance in the streets. But none the less I agree though that you should show some emotions, but letting your emotions control your walk is wrong. Some kind of balance needs to be in order, and sometimes that is Gods job to organize.

But I believe, that either way God will and does judge your heart. So if that means that you are on the sidelines watching others dancing in the streets, he still holds our hearts accountable. And if your a charasmatic your heart will be judged just the same. I always believe, and sometimes moment to moment how does God want me to.....and I listen to that still small voice that leads me in everything, once I let him.

But none the less CWG I love your heart and these answers you seek God can only answer. Big hug!

CWG said...


On that one specific comment, yes we should be concerned about the well being of others. I dont think that Brad was going there though. I think he was using it as a comparitive. That the emphasis is on others. I commented to the heart behind it...God and our devotion to him.


My point in this post is not to be judgemental. It was that when we base our spiritual health or relationship with God on how we feel, it is wrong. God is God no matter what feeling we have. We need to be rooted so deep in his love that whether or not we feel anything or not, he will be still be God.

Brad the Dad said...

Wow, this one post sure raised a lot of feelings, eh?? LOL

Let Grace Rain Down said...

No kidding eh, more than probably anyone knew.