Friday, March 24, 2006

Jehovah Jirah

I have to give honor to God. He has taught me a lot lately about faith.

About six months ago My wife and I were praying and asking God to help us to pay off our $3000 credit card bill. We had peace within us the whole time (even when it was being racked up) We knew that it was simply due to the lack of budgeting in our finances. Something deep within just spoke peace. At around the same time we found a very helpful budgeting tool online that we started using. It has been a blessing. You can download the budgeting tool here.

About a month ago I found out at work that I was recieving a raise at work. Very cool I thought. It would help us further on our budgeting journey. Around the same time we filed our taxes and decided to pay a portion of our card with the tax return.

Then we had some friends come over that are mentoring us in financial planning and they encouraged us in a huge way. Showed us ways to cut spending, ways to save. etc. Last week we found out that some money that we thought we couldn't get was available to us. I realized earlier this week that the amount of our tax return and the money coming in mentioned above is exactly what we needed to pay off our card. God is so faithful to assist us when we follow him in obedience.

Yesterday I was listening to a series on money management from Larry Burkett, and he was talking about the tithe. He explained it as an act of faith and that tithing is simply an act of faith toward trusting God. There was more to it but that part really spoke to me. It led me to a time where I was talking with God about my lack of faith for him to provide. There have been some area's that God has been asking me to move on but my fear and lack of faith has kept me idle. I mentioned to God that I desired to follow him, I just really needed him to be faithful to provide what I need to care for my family. So I committed to obey him in faith that he would provide.

Thus leads me to today. While at a leadership meeting at work today, I was informed that our mileage reimbursement was going up. I was happy about that as it takes a lot of wear and tear on vehicles when you use it everyday for work....Then the hand of God. We were informed that on top of our raise a month ago that we were recieving another one effective April 1.

I was floored. Amazed at how loving God is, that in a matter of 24 hours he put my heart at ease that he would provide. That he is in control. The cool thing is that the message that I was listening to was on the tithe and the amount that I recieved on my raise was approx 11 %.

I am so thankful that God has shown himself in such a practical way. It has reminded me that he is in control. Something that I think we forget sometimes.

God is good.


Nin said...

very awesome testimony!
God is showing us a lot of things about money too, and we're still learning. It seems that as soon as we think we're doing well, we get hit with something that pushes us back down. The temptation to get discouraged is always there, but we too have found that God has given us a great peace. We know He is going to teach us all we need to know to walk out this area of our life in maturity and wisdom. He is amazing, and even in those times where we feel knocked down, He always lifts us up and provides us with all we need. He's walking it all out with us, not watching us from the sidelines. I love that about Him.
Thanks so much for sharing. How encouraging to know that you guys are learning much, (cuz now you can pass it on!) :)

CWG said...

"It seems that as soon as we think we're doing well, we get hit with something that pushes us back down."

literally hours after this post, I realized that my brakes are seized (I think) on our van which could be expensive, but at least we won't go into debt over it, or at least not past the late payment date.
God is always looking at the heart attitude of what we do. It is a good journey. Let me know if there is anything that we can do to help you guys in that area.

Nin said...

thankyou for mentoring us, through simply living a godly life. :)
any more questions and we will be coming your way, you guys are awesome!

carebear said...

I keep thinking that God gives us as we show our selves responsible.
You are now a an unclogged pipe to have God flow those blessings through.....
Thanks for sharing

It seems God is really doing a work across the board in this area of finances. Everywhere I look, there's more people being challenged with this

flowerlady said...

This is such a big thing. Getting the financial house in order is soooooo hard and soooooo good to do. As we'vve been slowly mucking through it we have seen God's hand moving for us. Blessings on you guys as you walk this path.

Danni Frain said...

I found your testimony online as I was searching for the exact meaning of Jehovah Jirah. I too have experienced many times of God's provision, He never fails. I can see that you are people of faith and I ask you for your prayers for my daughter (19) who has just been diagnosed with brain cancer stage 4. I just love it when God's people give him Glory. Thanks for sharing.