Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Folding laundry

Last night my wife and I joined some freinds at the Canadian Food for the hungry medical supplies warehouse to volunteer. It was so much fun. We learned more about their ministry and built stronger relationships. We also found out that Rene the Rugrat cant fold a gown to save his life. (but he can beat anyone at folding fitted sheets :). It is so amazing to think that the gowns, sheets, gurney sheets and scrubs were going over seas to countries where they lie on mats on the ground. It is very sad to see photos of some of the places that they ship to, the surroundings that they have to work in. It sure makes you greatful for living in Canada. I will definatly go back there. For two reasons it is a huge need that they have, and the fun you can have as a group. I will be going back in about a month if anyone would like to join me.

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Nin said...

wow, your faith walk is so encouraging and inspiring...
thanks for sharing what you did in your last few posts.

(I'd love to know rene's secret to those fitted sheets..)