Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Ever wonder what your destiny is? I often ask myself that question. What is Gods heart for me? What is my ministry to my church family? I have so many desires running around my heart that at times it gets bogged down. Mercy ministry is a huge thing on my heart. I love the poor. I love serving others. Taking care of the orphans and widows greatly affects me. But what is the heart of God for me? What would please his heart? I have a large family that I can minister to, but then I wonder can I do both?
Can I minister to the body of Christ and serve God while mentoring my family to be godly? Maybe I need to pray and ask God to put me in a situation where I can teach my kids the love of the father in a very practical way. That would mean more to me than just talking about our Christian walk. These questions greatly affect me.
I dont want to live my life working 9-5 building up a nest egg. I want to be out there ministering the love of the father to those who need it. However this scares me as in the past I have gone full tilt only to find myself hurt and confused. I haven't stepped out into faith building ministry for about 7 years now. With that said I still cant get away from the desire to bring the heart of God to people. Not that I would go out of my way to do it right now, but the desire is very strong. There are so many peolpe out there that need to know that God loves them. If I dont tell them then who will hear it. I think as Christians we need to step out of the box we get ourselves into and minister the love of the father to others. I realize that I dont have to go to Africa to minister the love of the father, I only need to minister that love to my neighbors. I have been given so much and I am in essense getting fat on all the nutrients that God is feeding me. Somehow I need to expel the things that God puts into my heart. I think that when I do minister in a way that requires faith to succeed that I would see Holy Spirit power come down to accomplish his heart. I know biblically that God wants me to live a holy and blameless life. It is the practical side that I want to see effective in my life and in the life of my kids.

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