Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Low income housing ?

Four and a half years ago I moved into my house as a part of a low income housing program. At that time housing was low and there were a lot of affordable housing. today I read an article in the star phoenix that gripped my heart. You can read the full article here.
The rising housing market is affecting the opportunity for low income housing initiatives. This concerns me. There are so many families out there that need adequate housing. It causes me to dream about buying up cheaper homes, fixing them up and selling them at an affordable price to low income families, or to the agencies that provide the services.
Apparently there is a business/ministry in the inner city in Winnipeg where businessmen and contractors get together, buy and renovate houses and then turn around and sell the house back to the previous renters based on their affordability. That would be amazing. There needs to be ways to advocate for the poor. Unfortunately in this arena you need capital dollars to invest in houses. Somehow some way we need to intervene , how or when....only God knows.

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Nathan said...

yes... YES, YES, YES, YES!!!

If I had the means... ooooooh, boy!

I've been pondering affordable housing lately, as well. And tonight at work a few of us talked about housing costs. No one who's currently renting can afford anything that's out there right now; and prices are still steadily climbing. It wouldn't be so bad if wages were keeping pace with the rest of the economy. Worst part is that none of us (who were in that conversation) are anywhere near the income of most renters... we're all working for a good employer at a decent paying job, and if it's not working for most of us, it's certainly not working for most first time buyers. I find it very sad.

Maybe churches should stop passing the collection plates to cover the building expenses but rather raise support for areas of need like this.