Monday, July 02, 2007

Go Paint

......Picture a child playing in his back yard. He comes to you and says Daddy can I play in the sand box? You say yes. Five minutes later your child comes back, "Daddy can I go play on the swings?" You say yes. Five minutes later your child comes to you and asks "Daddy can I play with my trucks?" You say yes. Five minutes later your child comes to you and asks "Daddy can I play with my soccer ball?" At this point you will say Look my child, I have given you this yard to play in. Everything in it belongs to you, go on and have fun enjoy yourself. The gates are locked so you cant get out. Go play.

...... I think that Jesus forgot to teach about the fourth servant. In the parable of the talents Jesus talks about the servant that gets ten talent, the servant that gets five and the servant that gets one. I think that there should have been a fourth person. One that gets three talents. The master comes back from his journey, goes to the forth servant and the servant replies "I'm sorry my lord, I took your talents and I took one and I tried to invest it here and I lost it. Then I had an idea to invest my talent over there and lost it there as well. Finally after a lot of searching I went and invested my talent over here and I lost that talent too. My lord I tried, I have nothing to show for it but oh did I try. What kind of response would the master have had? I think he would have shown compassion and blessed the servant for giving his best effort. Also what confidence would that give to the average Christian today who is afraid to step out for fear of trying.

...... Picture being in an art class with father God. He takes you throughout the room and shows you all of the people that are painting away. There are children, teenagers, mothers fathers, seniors. He is showing you the different pictures. You notice that they are very diverse, not one the same. God explains to you that these pictures, these precious paintings are these peoples lives. He explains to you that they are painting a picture of their life that they will someday present to him. Then he takes you by the hand and leads you to a blank canvass. He looks at you with his loving eyes and says "this is your life.......GO PAINT"

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forgiven4this said...

Wow, what a picture. I was blessed with this vision, thanks for sharing!