Monday, July 16, 2007

Street appeal 2

- Last Wednesday I was fixing my fence. The boards were rotting so the posts kept falling out. So what did I do? I went and got my trailer and ripped the sucker out of the ground. I had my kids pulling and pounding. It was fun.
- Then I was left with a front yard full of overgrown perennials and weeds.
- Thursday I went and got my Rototiller and tilled the entire front yard. I figured it was better to have a clean yard.
- Saturday I spent the day (+33) raking and hauling dirt. (cooled off in a lake with the kids later in the day) I got inspired and ordered sod to be delivered for Monday.
- Sunday I had the lawn even and raked, then I didn't like the way it looked so I tilled it again. This time my back was aching and I was running out of energy. Got a second wind and got it all leveled, rolled and prepared for sod.
- Monday after work I went to work installing the sod. It was cool, all of the neighborhood kids came over and started hauling sod and rolling it with me.
- An hour and a half later we started the sprinkler to water the new lawn.
- Here is a pictorial collage of us installing the sod. (I will post pictures of the lawn in daylight tomorrow.


Carol said...

Your yard looks SOOO different. That's awesome!

RTD said...

I think I know someone who did some sod work with you before, only that time we didn't "roll" it we just 'tilled it and then laid the sod on the soft dirt so the roots would take faster, and we put in the sidewalk stones, all at the same time.
(that was a fun day wasn't it?).

Haven't seen you in ages, when ya coming back to Cow-Town?

In search of truth said...

Yes it was was the many liters of Pepsi we consumed on that job:) We are coming down the second week of August.

In search of truth said...

Oh by the way remember the trailer that we burnt the fenders on...that is the trailer that I still have.... Good times

RTD said...

Hey we shouldn't have put so much dirt and sand in the trailer

Carebear and Firestarter said...

I am so amazed at your house! good good good for you! that's lots of work you've done, I would be proud if I were you!!