Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Please pray

Holly and I are contemplating switching schools. Our kids have been going to the Christian school for 5 years now. As our family grows we are seeing that our financial house is getting larger. (and will continue to grow into the teenage years). This year we will be paying short of $300 a month.(that is with tuition assistance) That is a huge chunk of change. The reason we moved there was because the inner city community school in our area was not a very good environment.
In the 5 years that we have been at the school we are not any closer to the parents there. Sure we have some connections through association of our children, but there is not a strong sense of community for us.
There is a school that our neighbors go to that is a Catholic community school. One of the problems we face is transportation as Holly does not drive. This Catholic school provides transportation.
I am torn as my kids have always been at the Christian school. I know it is a minority for most children to attend a Christian school. We have all grown up in the school system.
Another thing that we are strongly considering is homeschooling Josh.
We have a week to decide so please pray that we will hear the voice of God in this matter.


Carebear and Firestarter said...

I will be praying for you. Thank you for sharing and opening this up so that others around you can support you and pray for you. The verse that's coming to mind is James 1:5-8
That's popping out to me in regards to Josh. If you feel strongly that this is what the Lord has, go for it! with all your heart and He will bless you. Don't doubt and just trust that God will provide all you need.

I have heard in your voices that this is the direction that you feel led and I'm surprised that you are still deciding. jump off the cliff and let God catch you!!!:):)

Holly has it in her to do this. Don't doubt yourself girlie, you are more than able through god's grace to do more than you could think or imagine!!!

Love you both, CB

Nin said...

I will be praying for you also. I can relate with what you're feeling about the sense of disconnection at the SCS. And while my little one has only been in school one year, I can relate with the wrestle that must be going on in your heart. The SCS is such a safe place, why would you take your kids out of a safe place and put them in a dangerous place?? I wrestled and wrestled and wrestled with God on this... but ultimately wanted to do His will. We spent a lot of time praying, and seeking what He wanted for her.... He made His will known, and asked us to to take a step of faith and trust that no matter where she is, she is in HIS hands.
He will make His way known to you and Holly. He will give you all the grace and faith and peace to walk out the road He has set before you. Our kids are so precious to us....and we so easily forget that He loves them so much more than we can fathom, our love for them does not even compare. I echo my sis, and encourage you to jump off the cliff, whatever that may look like in your journey in training up your children in the way THEY should go.