Sunday, September 23, 2007

Update on life

- Josh is being home schooled
- We decided to send our kids to the Christian school
- We assume the mortgage on our house in November
- Our church is starting life groups in November (Holly and I get the opportunity to
lead one)
- Painted the veranda
- Painted the fence
- Still need to finish painting the exterior on the house
- Discerning the true biblical process of spiritual warfare
- I spoke at an international conference. (broke through a window of fear)
- 6 weeks ago Holly and I started going out for breakfast at our local cafe every
- Bought window coverings for our windows
- Painting the boys room Yellow
- Continuing to meet with a great friend Tuesday mornings for breakfast.

Besides that life is pretty quiet :)

Oh Josh has a few post's, he would probably like a few comments as he checks it regularly. Here is his link In search of truth Junior


R.K. said...

Hey CWG,

Just wondering if I know forsure who you are. Your first name was on someone elses blog link but I noticed your initials are different. Does being picked up in an '88 T-bird at some God forsaken hour of the morning and travelling to Hague ring any bells? Or do I have the wrong person?

- Randy.

CWG said...

LOL yes it is me. Man those early winter mornings were brutal.

Carebear and Firestarter said...

by the way, I think CWG's wife is doing an amazing job! THis is for her....
Taking care of 2 babies, sim AND homeschooling josh! I really don't think I could do that. It takes special people to care for and love other people's kids everyday like she does and she's just the person! Proud of you. ( you inspired me last night to get Noah reading some bible stories just like you are getting josh to)

I look up to you more than you know! You are a constant, steady, and someone you can rely and depend on. Loyal and true is you!!!!!!

Nin said...

want to see pictures of your new viranda!

jillarae said...

Hi Darcy!

If you could get Holly to email me, I have a conflict with our pre-arranged Dec. date. I seem to have LOST your email address!


RTD said...

"Darcy" ?

I thought it was Coffee

Ha Ha Ha Ha,

How's the Home schoolin' goin'

◄ Cheers ►

R.K. said...

Ah Ha. CWG - coffee with God. I get it! :)

CWG said...

homeschooling is going very well, Josh is loving it. It was the right choice for him for sure. I'm still waiting for those sporadic emails :)
I couldn't agree with you more.
LOL @ your last comment

flowerlady said...

miss you guys so much. the 14th and the 28th are free! The kids have been talking about you guys alot lately.