Friday, January 04, 2008

Day 6

As of last night Ethan weighed 8 lbs 4 oz which is a big difference from a week ago. Holly is going to be a part of rounds today to see the pediatrician to see if we can bring our little man home today.

Ethan is not coming home today. The pediatrician wants Ethan on his antibiotics for 7 complete days which would be tomorrow at 4. Still no reason why he was losing weight and lethargic, which is both puzzling and concerning at the same time.

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Moose said...

Hello my brother how you doing? Congrats on Ethan man... sounds like you come through some stuff lately there... cute lil gaffer :) How bout those flames lol... hey got a nother reason to contact you too... do you know Cori from Aarons place? Her last name etc... i was supposed to add her to my facebook as I am looking for work out here now and her aunt has connections to the homecare industry out here... that would be much appreciated bro. Hey we have GOT to get together soon man... miss ya buddy... well better run here gotta get some stuff done :) Holy Hugs my brother! Steven D. Moose :) God Bless Ya!