Saturday, March 14, 2009


March 6 Holly and I celebrated 16 years of a good and sometimes tough marriage.

Last weekend Holly and I farmed out our children (thanks again to those who had our children) and we went to the stopping place 1/2 hour south of Biggar. The above picture is the cottage. It is a fully self contained unit. Full kitchen, two person shower, hot tub,

four poster bed,

living room etc.

Anyway Holly and I rekindled our love for one another. So often you get caught up in the daily grind of life and children that you forget the love you can share with the one God has put in your life. A person gets so occupied with activities that you dont allow time to really connect and work on your relationship. Heck tonight I watched a hockey game, 2 1/2 hours of watching a frozen puck slide around. Nothing wrong with hockey, but it gives you the picture. When we were away we focussed totally on each other. No one around, no kids, TV if we chose, but the sole purpose was our being together and I tell you it was well worth it. In fact next year I want to do it over the family day holiday so we have three days together.

One thing that I came away with was the fact that:

1. I really love my wife.
2. For a marriage to work, both parties
need to sacrifice.
3. Never neglect the small things.
4. I found this week that when I was not with Holly I missed her. I couldn't keep my mind off her.
5.Texting can send you back to your courting days, to me its like sending love notes all day long.
6. I really love my wife.

Make the time, effort, and investment in your marriage or relationships, it has eternal rewards and it feels pretty good too.


Nin said...

aw!! : )
Chris and I were totally going to go there! Was it nice? Would you recommend it?

CWG said...

It is amazing Holly and I have been there twice now and plan to continue going. It is quiet and totally private. A great romantic getaway. I would totally recommend it.

Kjersti said...

Coming from the earlier stages of marriage, I enjoyed reading this blog! Maybe someday Bryan and I will even try that place you and Holly went to...