Saturday, September 11, 2004

"I miss you"

About a month ago, as I was spending some time with God and he said "I miss you" I said,'What? I'm right here father, what do you mean?' He said "I miss your heart!!" WOW I was floored. He started to share with me that I have been so caught up on seeking the truth that I started to drift away from his heart. he told me very boldly, "Don't allow yourself to lose your simple heart.....if you lose it you will never have the chance to get it back". So lately I have been trying to settle down and get back to the simple things in my relationship with God. Man do I ever have so much to balance. I take things and go full tilt on them, then come back and go, oh wow I need to retrace my steps. For some reason God seems to be taking me back to the basics....the simple things....spending time with him...just to be with him...walking in integrity...keeping my word....serving my church....praying for my pastor...Loving my wife unconditionally (which by the way he has asked me to start courting her again....doing the simple things to show her my love) Loving my children and teaching/raising them to live based on their gifts...Making him Lord over every aspect of my life....This is going to be a very exciting journey. So often I get caught up in doing "good' things yet I totally miss the point....doing all to the glory of God. What an amazing God we serve, that he has grace enough to allow us to stumble long enough to realize that we need a different road, then viola he shows us his plan. My intention is to get back the the core of my walk with Christ. Then grow from there....or not. I think that we all need to get to the place where we can truly stay in God's presence and be content to stay there always.

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flowerlady said...

that's what I like to hear!! Relax, rest, keep it simple...trying to incorporate that is a little harder than it sounds but I believe it's worth the struggle so that you can get to the point of thriving, not just surviving!!