Sunday, September 05, 2004

To be in the world but not of the world

The Bible talks about Christians being in the world but not of the world. Over the past month or so I have been learning more about this. What does that mean?? What got me thinking about this was when I asked for a mere $10000 loan for a new vehicle. The loan officer that I was talking to mentioned that I didn't have enough history to qualify me. She said that I need to secure a loan or get a credit card or department store card. Then I would be able to start a positive credit history. I was talking with a friend later and he said "do you see what they are doing? They are trying to get you into debt" After pondering that I was praying and asking God, "how do I get a positive credit history without going into debt?" I believe that there is a way of using the worlds system against them. Get a credit card, use it once or twice a month and pay it off in full every month. Another area that I am looking into is RRSP or GIC loans. They are smaller loans that you can get through the bank and you have one year to pay it off. I prayed about this and God showed me a plan that is effective and will continue to use money lending as a tool in my hans rather than bondage. He basically showed me that fi I were to get a $500 loan from the bank, that I should try to have $500 elsewhere. That way I am getting the loan, building my credit and not going into debt all the while.
There are many area's that I am pondering in this world's, one being health and fitness, which I will share at a later date.
I believe with all of my heart that there is a way to use the world system to the glory and honor of our Lord Jesus Christ.
be as shrewd as a snake yet gentle as a dove'

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flowerlady said...

way to go Darcy, looks great!! Any way to blow that world system is something I want to hear about! Glad you were picking flowers! It tickles my toes when someone comes and says they got a flower...