Monday, September 06, 2004


For the past year I have had a change of heart in my Christian walk. For 12 years I have been involved in the charismatic circle of Christians. In that time I learned much about healing, spiritual warfare, intercession, prophecy, worship, manifestations, Holy Spirit power, etc.
Back in February last year while having supper with a friend, he shared with me that he no longer believed in spiritual warfare the way that I have come to understand it to be, Rebuke this and cast that out. He also denounced the whole ‘spirit’ theory. For example “spirit of lust, spirit of rebellion, spirit of death etc. Based on 1 peter 2:3 In the months that followed I ran these things through my mind and started pondering the possibilities. This brings me to August 2003. I was in Calgary and while there I started to hunger for the word of God. When I returned home from Calgary, I decided to dive into scripture. I also started listening to the teachings of John MacArthur over the Internet. During that time I was getting more disturbed about the whole charismatic process so about a week into a study on ‘charismatic chaos’
I decided that I was going to lay aside all of the ‘dainties’ of Christianity. Let me explain what I mean by dainties. Take a look at Christian books in the Christian marketplaces. 98% of them are selling baked goods. For example; Power evangelism, Prophetic intercession, prayer of Jabez, Name it/claim it, healing, entering into the blessed life, moving in the office of the prophetic, how to be an apostle, anointing, Holy Spirit power, Gifts, Spiritual Warfare, etc. I could go on but you get the picture. Dessert is wonderful if it is enjoyed following a full, hearty, well balanced meal. Also dessert is offered only if there is enough room to eat it. At this point I want to fill up on a well balanced meal. Studying the word of God and expelling its truths, Spending time with God in prayer, fasting and thanksgiving. Worshipping God in spirit and in truth, giving him honor and respect, revering his name, keeping his commands and obeying him.
I am at the place right now where I could literally care less if I ever received another dainty again. In comparison to knowing biblical truth, walking in that truth, eating it daily, growing in relationship with God, knowing him better, understanding him better. There is no greater thing that I could possibly imagine. A good friend of mine summed it up this way “People need to stop seeking the hand of God and start focusing on the face and heart of God”. So now today , I sit here in the presence of my God writing down the things that are on my heart. I am totally prepared to walk away from charismatic practice or walk through it with a head of truth and wisdom to keep me from being swayed by every doctrine. Lord teach me your truths for only there will I rest.


Nathan said...

Awesome thoughts, man. I relate to what you're saying about setting aside "the dainties." Been reading a few obscure books by some obscure people. Not the same books that everyone else seems to be reading. I hate the band-wagon. Tozer, Nee, Talbot, Guyon, Mason, MacDonald... I really enjoying reading from a compilation called The Book of Jesus. These folks seem to cut through the religious b.s. and get to the heart of the gospel.

LT said...

I've gone through a similar journey. I believe that we need to walk in the power of the Spirit. I just think that according to scripture, that power is evidenced in much more in love, wisdom, acts of service, and transformed character.

I got burned out constantly seeking the new thing or the new experience. There was always talk of imminent revival and deeper anointings but nothing ever seemed to change. We felt we were special if someone started shaking while we ignored the reality that we just haven't changed that much.

I think there is some truth to spiritual warfare. One of the problems that arises from that is once people have a hammer everything starts to look like a nail.

One of the great lies very prevalent in charismatic circles is that we need anointed leaders to funnel God's Spirit toward us. If want a touch from God we go to the prophet or the healer or whoever. The reality is there are wonderful life change experiences that can happen completely alone. I often go on a spiritual retreat with nothing much more than a bible and a listening heart. There is one mediator between people and God and that is Jesus Christ.

A lot of charismatic theology is pretty weak. The idea of spirtual hierarchies of coverings seems a stretch from the egalitarian, interdepedant, mutual submission found in the new testament.

If you are interested I'd love to sit down with you and talk about some of this stuff.

CWG said...

I like your analagy about the is so true. I also believe in spiritual warfare, however I get concerned when I see others thinking that they just have to say the word and just like that their problem goes away. People need to own their stuff. There is a lot to be said about a person repenting and setting some spiritual disciplines in place in order to truly fight the battle. Micheal the arc angel in Revelation did not even dare discuss things with Satan but said "may the lord rebuke you" We have much to learn about spiritual warfare as the bible intends it to be.