Sunday, October 24, 2004

Demon behind every bush

12 years ago I started getting serious with God. It was at the time that the renewal movement was getting off the ground. I remember going into a Vineyard church and the pastor was talking about the five step healing model. I was amazed that God had the ability or desire to heal people. Anyway I learned about spiritual warfare at that time also. The bondage breaker was very popular at that time. We had entire conferences on defeating the evil in our lives. It was electric, it was kind of exciting, down right mysterious as to how it really worked and if it did how would you have a story to tell. Well for ten years I learned about this, reading, praying, going to conferences etc years ago I started to understand a bigger picture of spiritual warfare.
2Peter 1:3 says His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.
Gods written word is saying that he has given us ALL we need for life and godliness. So many people run around chasing after demon's or spirits and never take ownership of their problem. Lets take lust for example. A person raised in the renewal movement would say "Oh boy that's the spirit of lust keeping you in bondage" That sounds all fine and dandy, but where in scripture will you find that in the end God will judge Satan's demons for what they did to you. They already have their curse. The bible that I read says that God will judge each and every one of us according to the way we lived our lives. So where does the spirit of lust fit in to that equation? When we are before the throne of God as he holds before us the path of our life, is it going to be as easy as saying "Oh sorry God the devil made me do it" I don't think so. James teaches us to resist the devil and he will flee from you. If there is an area that we are wrestling with in our lives, it is probably due to the fact that Jesus Christ is not lord of that trouble. Spiritual warfare is simply this, being faced with a choice between two roads. The road of the wicked (this is where Satan is in his element, this is where he pulls out all of his shots to get you to choose the wrong path) or to walk the path of the righteous. When we choose the right path we have defeated the enemies wiles to take us off course, thus he is powerless in our lives.
In summary I strongly believe that spiritual warfare is more about setting up the necessary disciplines in your life to keep the enemy at bay. Also a key to this is giving lust, pornography, deception, poverty, rebellion, etc over to Jesus Christ and submit it under his lordship, for he gives you everything that you NEED for life and godliness, so lets start making godly, wise choices that are better for our lives and give glory to God.


skeper said...

CWG, interesting name. You probably know that as an adult you can petition the court to get a complete name such as Bill or John or Ebaneezer or whatever.
Secondly, I am glad that you have found a comfort in religion. While you make many assumptions -not in evidence- as it were, if such assumptions work for your system of valuing new informaion, more power to you. One word of caution, don't use such reasoning processes when dealing with dangerous materials or the minds of the innocent, (children). We should teach children to question, not to memorize writings we neither know the origin of nor the reason for.

CWG said...

Accually the source that I get my information from is the Bible. It is the written word of God. Sadly however the truth is only revealed through the Holy Spirit which you receive when you repent from sin and make Jesus Lord of your life. It isn't magic or mystisism, it is faith in God. I appreciate your concern and agree that this subject need's to be discussed with wisdom and discernment, however if I am basing the facts on the Holy scriptures, then I will rely on the Spirit of God to lead me to his truth. If you knew me you would know that I write this out of a desire to know the truth and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

I will vouch for CWG. I know him personally and I know that he is well tethered (grounded can be debated at times) but he is well tethered to a truth, a philosophy and way of living that frees him to pursue healthy relationships with his wife, children and friends. He questions, challenges and seeks all in an effort to find the absolute truth that is the absolute God he worships.