Saturday, October 02, 2004

What does God's supply really look like ??

Matthew 6 talks about not worrying about our needs and seeking the kingdom of God. But what is Gods perspective on supplying our needs? We are called to be set apart from the world and live a holy and God pleasing lifestyle. I wonder if God would clothe us in designer clothes or value priced clothes from Winners or Walmart. I think that as we become more Christ like, we will humble ourselves to the place where it truly will not matter what we where becase our focus will not be on the things that moths destroy but on things that will last forever. I'm not saying that designer clothes are wrong, but I think that as christians we need to have a fuller picture of what Gods heart is for us. I dont think that God cares if we are in sweat pants or a three peice suit. He looks at the heart, not the appearance we so often like to paint ourselves with. And what would it be like if we waited for God to supply a direct need that we could attain. How often do we run out ahead of God and get second best ? I would love to be in the place of rest where I didnt have to stress out doing things, but allowing God to take care of me, knowing that he knows what I need in advance and will give me way better things physically and spiritually if I just trust him.

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