Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Sharing God's faithfulness

It is on my heart to share with you the things that God has done in my life over the last while. The main theme is around getting my house in order. A couple of months ago God spoke to my heart and said "tell me what you want, not what you need...What do you want" I was so moved by the intimacy in that statement. Anyway all summer my lovely wife and I were wrestling with whether or not to send our children to the Christian school or a neighboring school. We looked at our financial situation and realized that even though every month we had our bills paid, we did not have anything extra. As I prayed about that I had a real strong sense that God wanted me to get my house in order. I kept thinking about 1 Peter where it says a man must manage his family well if he wants to do more in the kingdom. I took that to heart and began with my wife listing the things that we felt were important to us. We had our monthly income covered but we did not have the following things. Life insurance on myself, RRSP's, RESP's, content insurance, an alarm system (we live in the inner city) we needed a bed, a new fridge, I had two vehicles that needed repair, eye glasses for myself. We saw that the extra money that went toward tuition (which worked out to around $400/month) could have gone toward these things. So following I want to give praise and testimony to Gods faithfulness in my life for it is only his hand that has given me what I have.
1. School...After praying, we decided that we were going to enroll our children in a neighboring school. We had everything set up to go (including school supplies) and the day before we were to go register our kids, the Christian school called us and said that they prayed about it and felt that they were to assist us to keep us at the school. They offered us a large bursary plus an anonymous family offered to put $500 toward our kids tuition. That left us to pay $95/month. We were so overjoyed to see God's hand in that.
2. Security alarm
We called an alarm company to set up an alarm system. When they called us back with the credit check that they have to do, they found that I have no beacon score. (however that is possible) They said that the only way that they could go ahead is if we paid 3 years monitoring up front which was around $1000. When my wife called me to tell me what she said, I was ready to walk away. Not in a resentful way, just quietly accept it. The man that was doing this whole set up called us the next day and said that he talked to his supervisor and told him or her that he felt that we were legitimate people and he felt that we could be trusted. (He told us later that he put his neck on the line because if it did fall through, it would fall on him) I was so amazed that God pulled that off on our behalf.
3 Fridge
My wife was in a car accident with a friend back in March. She didn't get hurt, she did have quite sore back however. She had attended some medical assistance for it. About 6 weeks ago my wife got a call from the adjuster saying that the claim was about to be closed so she would mail out the cheque. My wife was beside herself "CHEQUE??" she said to the adjuster. It was explained that it was a pain and suffering settlement. When my wife mentioned this to me I was again beside myself. All I could say was 'wow and thank you God' It was large enough for us to buy the fridge that we had wanted for quite some time.
4. Credit card
Five years ago I declared bankruptcy. I have been married for 12 years and ten of those years were very financially difficult for my wife and I. Two years ago we were accepted into a housing co-op were the provincial government puts a 30% downpayment on the purchase of a house on your behalf. You are then required to attend monthly board meetings and follow the policies of your co-op. A person has to be in the co-op for five years. At that time you can go to a bank and have the title of the property transferred into your name. The government also releases the 30% into the equity our your home and you are not required to pat the government back (called a forgivable loan) Anyway in august in dawned on me that if I don't have any negative credit history then I wouldn't have any positive either. That concerned me as I really desire to get my mortgage at the end of the five years. I realized that a credit card would really boost my rating as they report monthly to the credit bureau. I probably tried 5 or 6 different places to try to get one but was turned down every time. A few weeks ago I got a letter in the mail from Capital One saying that they were willing to approve a credit card once they got some of my information. So I sent it in and received the card today.
You may look at that and say "well pre approved cards are scams and charge you high interest rates" but I look at this as a gift from my father God to redeem my financial house. I said in the beginning of this post that my goal was to get my house in order. I believe that God is blessing that desire in my life. I am going to share more as God shows himself faithful to me.


Song of Joy said...

So, I have a question for you. How do you explain that when a person has been working diligently to get and keep their house in order, it seems that the financial situation is getting worse, not better? Where is God's faithfulness there?

CWG said...

This post was a testimony of God's faithfullness in my life. My intention was and is to bring honor to God for what he has done. As for other folks situation, I really cannot speak to that. Only God knows what plans he has for others and what he teaches. I tell you this though. I have learned the secret of being content whether having plenty or being in need. (not that I have had plenty yet) For me it was a heart attitude toward my situations. I mentioned in my post that I went through 10 years of financial struggle. I don't totally understand the reasoning behind why God led me through that, but he did teach me to seek him and not worry about my financial house. I beleive that God uses finances to build our character. Sorry I cant really answer your question but remember, God is faithful to supply all of your needs.