Sunday, January 09, 2005

managing key to effective parenting

I was talking with a friend tonight and we were talking about managing. We were talking in regards to parenting and God started speaking to my heart as w ewere sharing things with each other. Throughout the week I expect certain things from my children and have not realized that I need to be leading them by example. If I ask my kids to clean their room while my house is a mess, I am not teaching them good principles. If I am not willing to do the same task that I am expecting then I had better not say anything at all. I then started to realize that 1 Timothy talks about how a man must manage his own family 'well'....not only manage but do it well. I am beginning to realize that it was strategic that God asked a man to manage his family first. It sets the stage for him to bring his children underneath his management. If a person can get to the place where they can manage their family, then they can teach their children to honor them with 'propper respect' God is so wonderful and I thank him for his goodness.

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flowerlady said...

I believe you're on the right track. I've seen someone I know do the exact opposite, bark at his kids to do stuff, order them around but doesn't lift a finger to do it himself. I challenged him on that and his response was that he was practicing his leadership skills. then I sat and listened while his wife complained about how lazy his oldest kid is. Wonder why? The girl isn't lazy, she just won't do anymore than she absolutely has to because that is what she's been taught to do. So be the big guy and do what you ask your kids to do - they'll learn alot more by what you do than by what you say!! (And you know I'm no expert!!)