Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Learning to manage

Hey everyone

(I say everyone although I may be writing to myself.) This years blog will have a certain theme to it. 2005 is going to be a year where Ilearn to manage. Manage my lfe, my family, my finances, my leadership position at work etc.
1 Peter talks about how a man must manage his family well and it is my desire to find out what that means. What does it mean to truly manage your family? It is my intention to find that out this year with God leading the way. So I want to bring you with me as I learn. My desire is that I would track the entire year focussed on this one thing.

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Song of Joy said...

'Learning to manage' - sounds like a good theme. I see so much in our society where we have not learned to manage. What is the percentage of the workforce on stress leave, in debt, marriages failing, etc? I look forward to hearing more as you explore this topic.