Thursday, January 20, 2005

Where do you start ?

You can study how to manage your family and not put it into action, so here I am going to list the things that have been put on my heart when it comes to managing my family.

1. Set up life insurance. This is not a weak faith in God, I believe it is wisdom to have my wife and five children cared for if something happened to me.

2. Set up RRSP's. Again this is not a lack of faith. I was meeting with my pastor, sharing some of these things with him and I realized as I was talking that God has given us resources, and the day will come when he will ask me to give account for that. I believe that if I did not prepare financially for my future, God will be sitting down with me and say " I will take care of your needs because I love you but what did you do with the money I gave you over the past 40 years".

3. Set up an alarm system for my house. For me this was a step of obedience as I felt that God was asking me to do this.

4. Learn as much as I possibly can about financial budgeting and wise investing. It is fully on my heart for God to use me to fund the kingdom of God. He has been showing me the past 6 months that I cannot partake in funding the kingdom until I know what I need for my family. (I will write more on this at a later time) Not that I cannot give but if I cannot manage my own families money, I will not be able to manage money that God may choose to give to me for the benefit of others.

5. Set up RESP's. The bible talks a lot about parents saving for their children. I may not be able to send my kids to Princeton but I want to model faithfulness to them and be able to bless them in the right time for their education.

6. Stay out of Debt. It has been a gift from God that My wife and I are out of debt. In fact we paid off the rest of our debt, the month before we moved into the house that God willing we will buy in three years. I still need a lot of wisdom in this area. Even today I was praying and asking God "your word says let no debt remain outstanding, does that mean that certain debt is acceptable providing we are faithful to pay it off?"

7. To be the leader that God has called me to be in my home.

8. To promote the gifts that are in my wife, seeking out ways to help her use them.

9 To understand my unique children's bent so that I can effectively train them up accordingly.

Okay that's enough for now.....sheeesh looking at that list makes me think that I will be learning to manage to the ripe end of my days. Well I hope this is an encouragement to all of you or at least the two I know that read this :')


Song of Joy said...

:) Yes, I read it. But its a bit overwhelming. I think I need to ask God what He is asking me to be faithful in right now. Because financially speaking, I don't think I can do all that at this point. I want to, but I don't think I can realistically. And I want so much to be faithful. The temptation after reading this would be to feel a lot of guilt, because I'm not measuring up. I know that is not your intent, but the Enemy knows my weakness and would try to use something like this to bring me down. So I'll just fix my eyes on Jesus and see what He has to say.

CWG said...
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CWG said...
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CWG said...

Please remember that this blog is not meant to be a teaching blog, it is a journal of the things that go through my mind and the things that God is teaching me. I don't profess that everything that I write here is crystal clear or acurate, but the things that I write, are the things that I feel God is teaching me right now.
Also if someone were to tell me these things 5 years ago, I would have laughed in their face. You hit it on the head. If we seek the heart of God and focus our eyes on Jesus, he will guide he is you.

Brad the Dad said...

Hey, Darcy.
I lost your site and now I have bookmarked it. I like the direction.

flowerlady said...

Look at all those comments!!!!! And it isn't just the two of us. Looks good Darc - may I encourage you to read Craig Hill's stuff. Lloanne just sent us an e-mail with some notes from one of his books - he has incredible insight into riches/wealth/money! Carry on!