Monday, February 21, 2005

God's definition of healthy

Tonight I was with a great freind of mine. We were talking about healing and he mentioned that he really felt that God was going to make a certain person healthy. I challenged him on that and asked him to consider what God's definition of healthy was. I then went on to explain that when my wife was pregnant with our firstborn son, we found out later in her pregnancy (around 25 weeks) that our little baby was very sick. We prayed about it as well as our church family. I heard in my spirit "He is going to be healthy" So I prayed in faith that my little boy would be healed. At 32 weeks my wife delivered him and he was put on life support. This was very confusing and tramatic as we watched life being taken from our little son. the doctor finally decided that it was time to let him go as his heart rate was rapidly I cradled my lifeless son in my arm's I heard again in my spirit "Now he is healthy". That was so healing for to me hear.
I then came home to my wife tonight and before I shared my evening with her she directed me to a FiveChildren: Who am I? I read this daddy's post and was very moved at the fact that God was still ministrering to my heart for my beautiful boy. God is so amazing...I love him for his mercy and grace to move on.

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Todd said...

I'm glad your wife found my post and it "spoke" to you in some small way. Once I can use my arm again (still a bit groggy from yhe surgery) I will link to your site. Ugh this is taking soooooooo long with only my left had!

God BBless