Sunday, February 20, 2005

Priority check

Five years ago God started me on a journey of reshaping priorities in my life. I want to share with you what I have personally experienced myself. It will be in the priority that God is currently working on.
My Priority list in life
1. Cultivating my relationship with God.
Years ago I believed that ministry & church were all coined together with my #1 priority of having God #1. I now realize that was wrong. I believe that we as Christians make that simple yet vital mistake. I would get involved in ministries, and do a whole bunch of 'righteous'' things while my family watched from home.
My number one priority is not getting involved in godly thing nor ministries, nor church 'stuff' It is what I do in relation to my relationship with God. Spending time in his wonderful presence, resting in quietness, reading his word, praising him, learning who he is and how I can be more like him.
2. Minister to my wife
This is so dear to my heart. I am at the place in my life now where I would rather offend someone for not committing to a ministry opportunity or whatever in order to honor my wife (in a healthy way). It is my God given responsibility to love her, cherish her, seek the heart of God for her....(Wow this is a huge one. I believe the greatest thing that I can do for my beautiful wife is to seek the heart of God on her behalf) If I get an inkling into what the heart of God is for her, then I can release the gifts that are in her that will cultivate her God given design. I need to know the word of God in order to shower her with the washing of the word.
3. Love my children
God has given me 5 beautiful children and they are all very unique. It is my number one job to again seek the heart of God for each of my children. I need to raise them in the way that they should go. I also need to make decisions based on them. When it comes to a ministry opportunity, I always make my decision based on how it will affect them.....Will it take me away from my house for long periods of time....Is it something that they can be involved in..Etc.

I am going to stop there tonight, but I do have a few things on my heart to share before I end this post.
God has taught me that if these three things are not in place then I am out of synch with his design for my life. So often we get caught in the lie that 'other' things in our lives are our ministries, yet we forget the most vital part of our ministry.....Our family.
.......Preacher CWG coming out here.....Everything that we do in our life is based on the foundation of these three things. And it is so easily linked back. I found that if my marriage was struggling, it was because I was struggling in my relationship with God. If my relationship with my kids were rocky it was usually due to the fact that my marriage was rocky, which meant my relationship with God was rocky......And so on.
I will stop at nothing to provide leadership and ownership of the fulltime ministry that God has called me to....And maybe when I am able I will do more.

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