Sunday, March 27, 2005

God's goodness

Wow God is amazing. Anyone who has followed my blog knows that God is teaching me how to manage . Well last week God blessed me in a new way and I want to give him honor and share it with you. Six months ago I was driving around the city with a heavy heart. I was praying and talking to God about my vehicle. I said "God I don't see that it is wrong for me to desire to have a reliable vehicle to drive my family in. Please God show me your heart." Well I left it at that. A few weeks ago I met with a precious friend and he recommended that I go to a car dealership an hour out of town as they are have a reputation of being very integral and the vehicles were a few thousand dollars cheaper than in the city. So last Saturday I piled my clan into the van and we drove out there. We test drove 4 Astro vans and 2 GMC Safari's. We really liked the last van which was a 1998 GMC Safari. We told the dealer that we needed to talk to our bank then drove home. On our way home we prayed and asked "God If this is something that you want for our family, will you please allow the financing to go through?" Then we left it alone. I was away on my trip last week so didnt get to talk to the bank until Thursday. By the end of the day I was pre approved for the amount that I needed. Yesterday we drove back out there and purchased the van.
I was praying last night as I was driving to WAlly world (Walmart) with my baby boy and as I was praying I realized that anyone who does not know me could have the tendancy to say "Well ya, it is easy to give God honor when you get something that you want." But anyone that knows my life story will know that this is very much a God thing. I know this is getting long but bear with me. I want to give honor to God on this one.
Back in the summer I asked for the same amount of money and the bank basically laughed me off the phone.
Oh and the cool thing is that I got the loan over three years so it will be finished in 2008. The cool thing about that is that I am in a housing co-op and I need to be in my co-op for five years in order to get a mortgage on my house. I will be getting my mortgatge in the fall of 2007, then I will be paying off the van in the spring of 2008. So in three years I willl have a mortgage and a ten year old van paid for. God is so good to his kids. I struggled financially, emotionally, spiritually for ten years of my married life . I can see the steps that God had to take in order for me to get where I am at today. One lesson that for sure I have learned is this. If you will be faithful in the little things, I will bless you with more.
My old van was a testimony of that. It was a 1986 Dodge caravan. It was rusted, the drivers door didn't unlock from the ouside, it didn't close all the way, the passenger door was extremely hard to open. My seat adjustment was broken. My steering column was broken due to an attempted break in. My high beams didn't work. etc. Even though I had all these troubles with my van, I was extemely grateful to God for it. My friends couldn't understand why I would like such a wreck, but to me it was God's gift to me. Let me rephrase
Habakkuk 3:17-18

'Even though my doors don't open
and my seat doesn't work,
even though my high beams aren't working
and I can't get into my drivers door, I will still be joyful and glad,
because God is my savior.'


flowerlady said...

I know I've said it in person, but I'll say it here, too. "CONGRATULATIONS" I am very excited about your new van. Though I probably won't get to drive it since you now have a road-worthy vehicle yourself. But I am glad that I won't have that old thing inflicted on me ever again!!

molly said...

Had a few vehicles like that, myself...