Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What to write ?

I sit here wanting to write but not sure what to write about. So I think I will write some tid bits.

I have been learning that God desires for us to tithe. Why is it that we believe that many other truths carry over from the old testiment but we cancel out the tithe? Could it be the love of money? God could take as much as he wants from anywhere he wanted but he asks us to give to him. I believe that he is doing this to work on our heart. Will you trust me? Will you obey me? Will you have faith that I will bless your heart? If we will not be faithful to tithe on $1000 will he entrust us to tithe on $2000? If you are faithful in the little things I will give you more.

Ministry of the Holy Spirit
For about a month or two I have been having an increasing desire to pray and ask God to begin to relaese more of his Holy Spirit in my life. Don't get me wrong he is still here, but I choose how much freedom he has in my life. I am beginning to desire for him to consume my house. Use me wherever he wants to.

I have had a greater desire to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost. I am reading a great book "getting Evengelicals saved" and it has some meaty things in it. I live in the inner city of my city, and I believe that God has a reason for me to be here.

I have the blessing of discipling two great men. They are teaching me as much as I may be teaching them. We use a biblical foundations tool that expels truth from scripture and help the reader to apply it to their life and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It really challenges me to be an example of Jesus Christ. One of my friends said that 'we need to be samples of Christ' I like that.If my spending time with these guys are walking toward that goal then to God be the glory.

I blogged a few weeks ago about a struggle I was having with my eldest son. Well since then my wife and I have come up with some concrete strategies for our children. Since then it seems that things have gotten better. I'm not out of the woods for sure but we have found that being consistent has help our kids.
Hehe my 7 year old had to write out 5 lines for not respecting his brothers space. he was continuing and I told him that I would double up the lines if he didn't stop. Well he said "I want 10" hmmmm We got home and he did 30 lines by his own choice. Some consequences are not as effective I guess.

God is good all the time
In summary my God is a great God and I am eternally greatful for my wife, children, friends, for the things that he has provided for me, for good health, for my job, and most important for his mercy and grace which keeps me going.

If I can Quote Forest Gump....."And that's all I have to say about that"


rene the rugrat said...

Regarding disciplining your 7 year old, do not forget you are dealing with a very unique child, one that prefers sardines (I believe it is) over candy.

CWG said...

You make me laugh.... although you hit the nail on the head. Cherry tomatoes and smelly fish is a delicacy for him, thanks for the unique person reminder.

molly said...

Great post!

flowerlady said...

Alright mister,
you asked for it and it's up...I think ya know what I'm talking about...