Saturday, April 09, 2005

Knowing my history

Today was a special day. My son and I were looking up our families name on the internet and found our family's crest. I have it on my desktop now. Does anyone out there know how I can post it here so that I can show you? Anyway, we started doing searches on my grandfather and great grandfather. We didn't get far on that but found out that there is a museum in Amsterdam that has many historical artifacts from my decendants. This is really encouraging for me because as a man I need to know where I came from. My masculine roots have been harvesting by men for centuries. I desire to find out as much as I can about those fine men that walked before me. There is something in them that I have and I desire to know all I can about who I am. That way too I can bring my children under it and show them where they have come from. I just pray that GOd will give me the deriction I need to find out the propper information. Well I could write more but I am beginning to see double. (it's 1:15 am)

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