Sunday, March 13, 2005

Raising the sword

I was out for coffee the other night and the gentleman that I was with asked me about the sword on my wall. I have a 53" sword hanging in my living room. I explained the history behind it. About 6 or 7 years ago as I was in prayer God kept holding out a sword in front of me. I could never understand what that meant. I visited Calgary and a very great friend asked me..."Did you take it?"....ummm no. He said ' next time that God holds the sword before you, take it. So a few weeks later I took it.I believed that it represented the sword of armor however I am starting to see that it is more a sword of truth for me. It has been my prayer that I would wield the sword of truth and divide soul from spirit. It seems as though God is doing that in my life in greater measures. I am meeting with people that need a good slicing. (sword of truth that is) I see that as excitement and trepidation as if I am not careful, I will tear someone to pieces. The sword of truth is only effective if it is powered by the leading of the Holy Spirit. With that said, I'm off to raise the sword yet again......

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