Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Riches of Salvation

I am in the process of reading a book called Getting Evengelical's Saved by Paris Reidhead. It is an excellent read and it charges the reader to see that salvation is more that a simple prayer of acceptance. I want to share with you a portion of the book that really spoke to my heart and I hope that it does for you also.

......Lets suppose that you have been justifiesd by faith in Christ, but have gone through this life with complete indifference to the rest of Gods so great salvation. Lets imagine that you arrive in heaven and God greets you with the words:"Come with me my child." He takes you to the warehouse of his grace, throws back the big double doors and reveals to you deep shelves lined with the marvelous things he had purchased for you with the precious blood of his beloved son. As you survey the packages on the shelves, you see he has signed, sealed and addressed them to to you with the promise that they would reach you at various stages in your earthly pilgrimage. With trembling hands, you unwrap one of the packages that has remained on eternity's shelf. In it you discover health you could have had during that time of debilitating illness.

There's another package filled with victory that might have been yours in that time when you were struggling with temptation. Also on the shelf is a large crate loaded with the power of the Holy Spirit that might have been yours when you'd been entrusted with a special task.

As tears flow unchecked down your cheeks, you will hear God the father say:"Why my child, did you not take victory? Why didn't you claim my power for you? I made full provision for you every step of the way.

In a flashback of your life, God will show you how you went along broken and defeated, how you crept when you could have run; how you could have stopped crawling as a worm in the dust and mounted up as an eagle......

Wow what a powerful word. What will it take for us to let go of our fears and allow God to do the things in our lives that please him. I think that it starts by making him Lord over every area of our life, and seeing that we are here to give him honor and glory, we will do great and mighty things for his glory. The point in that message was that God has a huge amount of provisions for his porposes on this earth. We tend to get satisfied with a crumb when he wants us to have the whole loaf. It is my personal desire to be in the place in my life where God can take those promised provisions and give them to me when they are needed to further his Kingdom.

Father God I pray that we would not miss out on anything that you would have for us for the porposes of furthering your kingdom. The riches of your Salvation are precious and need to be treasured, Help us to seek them with all our heart.

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Bud Brown said...

Are you familiar with the Grace Evangelical Society? Your comments on this post indicate that you may appreciate some of their work.