Sunday, March 06, 2005

Walking under cover

Ok this is a first....three post's in one day. I am currently dealing with a defiant child. If I say black he will say white, if I say now he says in 5 min, etc. This past weekend he has been in his room more often than being out. As I tucked him in for the night (early as a consequence of an earlier incident) I sat beside his bed and explained to him the importance of being obedient. I explained that when he disobeys his mom and I that he is accually walking the road of the wicked. (sorry rabbit long to go down....may come back to this road another day) Anyways I told him that it was extremely important for him to obey us as parents as we are teaching him to relate to God when he is older. I used an analagy that I thought was effective. I said "Our cover over you is like an umbrella. as long as you are under the umbrella you are safe. As soon as you walk out from that umbrella you get wet and are out from our protection. Pretend that God comes to you and say's ****** I want to provide an umbrella for you as it is pouring acid rain outside and I want you to stay dry and free from the pain of acid rain. "

As long as our children remain under the umbrella of our authority they are safe. But there are times that they walk out from under it and get pelted by acid rain. They get hurt, burnt and they cry out in pain, then run back under the umbrella where they remembered that they were safe. It is our job as parents to teach our kids to remain under the umbrella and under no circumstance should they walk out from it....except for when it is time for them to walk under God's cover. We have a huge responsibilty to teach this to our kids, for if they don't walk under our cover, they will not walk under God's cover.


flowerlady said...

Hang in're doing a great job! You are a good dad!!

ps - do you know where I would find 'rene the rugrat'? He posted on my blog and referred me to something on his but I can't seem to get to his. Just wondering.

Glad you guys got things worked out on Sunday. (the cookies were good, too)

CWG said...

He is seeking righteousness....second from the bottom in my blog's I read section.

molly said...

Great post. That is such a good analogy--we use that too with our children.

I think it really helps them see the difference between the two types of authority: the world's (I'm just going to use you to further myself), vs. God's (I am here to PROTECT and guide you, so that you can grow into something WONDERFUL).