Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Authority vs control

Recieved by Robert Holmes, written by Mario Lui
Storm Harvest Ministries

While at a prayer meeting A person there recieved the following from God in the form of a vision.
She saw a person standing inside of a prison cell looking out, with both hands holding onto the metal bars in front of her. Then another person saw this person standing outside of the prison.
the lord said "This person does not understand the difference between inprisonment and freedom.

Authority vs Control

1. Authority: Raises sons
Control: Raises slaves

2. Authority: Makes us reliant on God
Control: Makes us relient on them

3. Authority: Helps us grow
Control: Makes us weak

4. Authority: Uses our strengths
Control: Takes advantage of our weaknesses

5. Authority: Equips us
Control: Robs us

6. Authority: Widens our horizons
Control: Narrows our experiences

7. Authority: Parent
Control: Master

8. Authority: Chastisement/discipline
Control: Punishment/retribution

9. Authority: Justice (what is wrong)
Control: Judgement (whose wrong)

10. Authority: Teaches how to make decisions.
Control: Simply makes decisions on your behalf.

11. Authority: establishes boundaries
Control: Intrudes boundaries or imposes boundaries

12. Authority: Gives
Control: Takes

13. Authority: David
Control: Saul

14. Authority: Lays down own life
Control: takes others lives

15. Authority: Corrects, adjust's
Control: Rebukes, scolds

16. Authority: Freedom
Control: Bondage

17. Authority: Living in a spirit of love
Control: Living in a spirit of fear

The person that Got this from God also felt that many churches and Christian organizations are operating under 'control' instead of "Godly authority" But the Lord at this moment is training up servants who are willing to die to self and excercise Godly authority with humility, love and meekness.

May we all walk under that authority.


Nathan said...

Got your e-mail. Coffee would be good... we're long overdue. You free this weekend?

Dimples said...

You hit the nail on the head. Or should I say God gave you the hammer and He showed you the head of the nail and you hit it. Thanks for such an awesome post. There are times as Christians when we know that something is not right, but we don't know how to articulate it correctly.
May you continue to allow God to use you to edify His people.

Anonymous said...

this did not fucking help me
-black chick