Wednesday, April 27, 2005

still brewing

Hey there I think this post will be whatever comes out. I have had lots on my mind but nothing to write about. Wierd. Anyway here are some of the things my mind is wrapped around.

1. Priorities: It is extremely important to me that I respect Gods design for priorities. 5 years ago I took that for granted. I now try to filter everything through three main priorities.

- Cultivate my relationship with God. (too often we think that this is ministry, service, mission work, etc) This is where I pray daily, read his word daily, listen to his voice (finding the place to listen), and obeying him when he does speak.
- Ministering to my wife. Call out in her the gifts that are in her, intercede for her, serve her, disciple her, teach her the word.
- Love my children. Raise them in the way that God has made them. discipline them, show them unconditional love.

2. Discipleship: I see discipleship as a huge responsibility. It is teaching a person to obey everything that Christ commanded. I also see it as a tool for ministering together. Sunday I had the plesure of ministering to a brother with my two great friends whom I am discipling.

3. Being an overseer: This is a huge desire of my heart. In my relationships I try to see the bigger picture. I love being an older spiritual brother. My pastor is teaching me a lot about that. He is also my spiritual father. He has invested in me in ways that I never thought possible. Through that I have built up more confidence in who I am in Christ.

4. Using teeth: I was challenged a few weeks ago to begin using teeth instead of 'gumming' people. what I mean by that is a dog when he wants to attack, goes for the juggler. I need to go straight to the heart. It is my tendancy to love and gentle my way through things. This doesn't always work. I desire to bring the sword of truth into situations and divide soul from spirit.

There's more, but it's 11:00 pm and I need sleep.

God is good 'all' the time.

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