Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Relationship is key to authority

I am realizing that true authority can only be present in a real relationship. I have had the honor of building a very close relationship with a great guy in Calgary and it has taught me much about relationships and authority. He can tell me anything and as hard as it may be to accept I would hear him out and respond positively because I know that he has my heart in mind when he speaks the truth in love. My relationship with my pastor is a great testimony of that also. When I first started attending my church I had a lot of distrust. I didn't trust many people back then. I had been burnt in a charismatic setting and so I turned myself away from things of the Spirit and started to seek the truth in all things. This caused me to judge harshly and when I saw leadership swaying in opinion I resisted and rebelled against it. Justifying it all the way. Then a year and a half ago my pastor approached me and said that he wanted to start meeting with me on a regular basis. ( I was leading a small group at that time) Over the last year and a half he has poured his heart and time into my life. This has made a significant impact on my view of church authority. I don't submit myself to my pastors authority because he is lording it over me, I am submitting to his authority because I love him and have given him the authority to speak into my life. I see him as a spiritual father. (He is a true spiritual father) So authority is not meant to be lorded over someone, it is to be given out of the relationship that we have with others. The authority to speak truth. Even if it hurts because you know that they have your best interest in mind. A true friend will not let you stay where you are, and will lead you closer to the foot of the cross. It is my personal Desire that the church would stop using authority in the wrong way and begin building strong, close, and personal relationships.


rene the rugrat said...

Me likes, Me likes.
Love Ya Dude.

It just dawned on me this moment, you are seeking truth while I am seeking righteousness, but I am the mind and you are the heart.

Anyway, I suppose I appreciate authority because I spent so long seeking authority to place myself under.

flowerlady said...

excellent post...that pastor of ours is a good guy