Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Rush hour

No deep thoughts tonight. Too busy to think or write. Here is a sample of my week.....

Monday- worked 8 hours, went home, ate, ran out to a prayer meeting, met with a friend for coffee

Tuesday- met a friend for breakfast, worked 8 hours, had a board meeting, took my kids to the flood covered river.

Wednesday- Worked 8.5 hours, came home for supper, going out for a 2 1/2 hour support time (work), coming home for 1.5 hours to say hello to my wife, then going out for another 10 hour support shift (more work).

Thursday- work 8 hours, . rush to an AGM that will last till 9, pick up my son from a birthday party, meet with friends for coffee.

Friday-meeting a freind for breakfast, working 6.5 hours, rushing my daughter to a birthday party, coming home so my wife can go out with her girlfriends for the night, picking up my daughter from the birthday party. Come home and get some "ME" time.

Besides that, my week is free if anyone wants to make plans with me.......NOT :)
It's all good though as it's all a part of the whole management process....will explain later.....Bye I have to be at work in 12 minutes.


rene the rugrat said...

And you guys think I live an exhausting life.


Fire Starter said...

Hmmm, me time? Da Da Da Da dum dum, Da Da Da Da dum dum (Battlefield theme)

CWG said...

HMMMM yes it very well could be that....Yes it could.....if I had someone to play with....

the bloggless one said...

i'm going to print out your page and every time i feel busy, i'll glance at your week, and laugh at my silliness.