Saturday, June 18, 2005

refreshing web pages....really

I have noticed lately that I have needed to refresh blogs once I load them in order to get current posts and comments. Does anyone else find that?


Nathan said...

yep, that's just the way it works i guess.

by the way... I don't think that we'll be able to get ahold of all the folks we've talked to about the Hilchey's thing if it ends up raining. you'll have to leave a note about moving it to Hope if that happens.

LT said...

If you are using Internet Explorer check make sure your browswer isn't caching the page.

Check under
Temporary Internet Files:
Check for newer versions of stored pages:
Set it to "Every visit to the page"

CWG said...

hey thanks
I am using firefox but I think I got it.

carebear said...

don't you have a blog after this one?
I thought one day there was another one posted??

Nin said...

yeah i thought so too,

CWG said...

I did but I deleted it as it had some html code trouble.