Friday, June 17, 2005

The blessing of friendship

I have a friend that is closer than a brother (well spiritually he is but you know what I mean). His heart is to bless and find good in other people. When you are down he lifts you up or if he doesn't know how to respond, he listens very well. His heart is sold out for his family and next to his relationship with God his passion is for the spiritual lineage (I hope I spelt that right Jeff) of his family. He is very real and has the freedom to be real when thing are great and not so great. I am truly blessed to call him friend and he has walked close beside me for 4 years. (for the past 4 years outside of a six month stint for me to care for my family, we have gotten together every week). If you want to find out what a true friend is, get to know this guy. Who is it you ask? Firestarter


Nin said...

Ditto to your words

cwg's wife said...

I tagged you.....

Fire Starter said...

Holy cow, I like never come here, and the one time I do I see a post about me?!?! Yeesh. Just call me "Mr Butrer fingers. Boy is my face red." (movie quote, ask me which one if you do not know).
Wow, you know to hear you speak those words is truely and honor my friend. If I could only express how much (sorry I am going to get mushy here) that I Love you and value your friendship.
I am still blown away to think that such and honorable man like you would have time for me, let alone call me his best friend.
You have no idea how blessed I have been to know you and be known by you.
To think that a friendship like ours could bloom into a heart bond is only possible through Jesus himself and Lord I praise you for that. I am ready to face any battle knowing that you have my back.
Thank you Lord for my best friend.

Okay this is really sappy and now Im all soggy and weepy eyed.
So on a more manly note it has been great kicking your arss in BF1942. Burp, fart, ect.