Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What a great day

Today was a wonderful day. I started off having breakfast with a great friend. I then went to support a guy that I dont usually get to spend time with alone. We went swimming together, then relaxed outside of the pool in the sun. I came home to make my family pancakes, then took them all to cranberry flats (my wife went out tonight with the flower lady) . I came home read them a chapter in a book on the prophet Elijah, then put them to bed. Just as my kids went to bed Rene the Rugrat came over for a visit. We had a great prayer time and some good fellowship....Oh and he brought me some Tim Horton's coffee. Finally when he left I put my beautiful baby boy to bed. Now I am posting and about to make Pasta Salad. I've never made it before but am going to wing it. Tomorrow I get to go to Pike lake for the day with work.....I tell you times like these make life worth living.


CWG said...

the pasta salad turned out very nice.

Nin said...

I tried making pasta salad once. I followed sherry's intructions very well, but it didn't turn out good at all. no one around here wanted to eat it. some things i find have to be made by others to be good. pasta salad is one. so i'm sure yours was great