Sunday, July 10, 2005

Apostolic fathers

I have been trying to get my head around what an apostle looks like in the 20th Century church. I know that when my church started to talk about it three years ago I was greatly distressed and concerned about where that would lead us. I was interpreting the apostolic ministry as a carbon copy of the origional 12 in the New Testiment. This caused me great concern. I have since begun to see that the apostolic ministry is more of a fathering role than an authoritarian role. People who feel led by God to be fathers to men and women that have not been fathered. By that I mean to be spiritual fathers. Now don't get me wrong we need spiritual mothers all the same but for now I am referring to fathers. I believe that as we walk with spiritual fathers and allow them to mentor us and teach us things that they have learned that we will grow faster and possibly beyond where our spiritual fathers have gone. I know that has greatly changed my perspective on the apostolic ministry. I dont totally understand it yet but I do know that as I study the written word of God and seek his heart on this matter, that he will indeed reveal his truth to me.


Douglas said...

Personally, I believe the office of apostle is no longer extant in the modern day church. I also believe that the office of prophet is no longer around. Do not get me wrong. Prophecy is one of the gifts of the Spirit, but the role of prophet is no longer used.

What makes me think this? Partly it's the old, "Well, that's what I have been taught." Partly, it's from looking at the church and the people in it today. I think the last apostle was Paul. Today, we are all disciples. We are all seeking the relationship with the Christ that the apostles had, but will not achieve it until we are with Him in Heaven. I'll see you on that day, and we'll both know.


plodder said...

I agree that the office of prophet and apostle is no longer extant in the modern day church (the organized man-made model that calls itself the church). However, that may not be the case in the true Church of Jesus Christ, the one that cannot be seen organizationally, or quantified by
human methods.

CWG said...

I also believe that the office of Apostle in not for today, at least not in the form of bringing new revelation. Nor as being witnesses of what they saw and heard, or even by thier miracles. But where I was going was that there are people and churches that have a heart or call on thier heart to be spiritual fathers. Some pastors will pastor other pastors. Some churchs father other churches. Some people father others in the Lord. That is where I was going. You are right, we are all disciples in Christ.

You mentioned "the organized man-made model of church" but what about the the organized man-made model car you drive, or the the organized man-made model food you eat? I find it hard to believe that just because man has tried to establish something that may bring others together (although it has created disunity at times) can be wrong. God can work through anyone that has a willing heart to learn.