Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Release my soul

Release My Soul

(Craig Musseau)

To You, oh Lord I bring my worship
And offering of love to You
Surrounded in Your holy presence
And all I can say is that I love You

Give ear to the groaning in my spirit
Hear the crying in my heart
Release my soul to freely worship
For I was made to give You honour

Holy, holy, holy, holy

1 comment:

Benjamin said...

"Ah, sweet Seraphim, angels set aflame,
Flying in Yahweh's presence,
Crying 'Holy' to His name..."

May we also be like them, burning with pure devotion to Yahweh, the God of Judah. I think it's time for the beautiful titles be brought back out of the Hebrew...Rapha (Healer), Jireh (Provider), Jehovah (God's covenantal name), Yahweh (His personal name), and Yeshua (Jesus--His saving name). The Lord enrich the lives of His people, and their love language to Him as well. Amen.