Friday, July 22, 2005

The value of Children

Tonight my wife and I bumped into Care bear at Starbucks. She had her little baby girl with her and I had the honor of holding her. Well as soon as I held her and looked into her pretty eyes I fell in love with her. She is very beautiful. Anyway. Care bear let me change her into her pajama's and as I was changing her my heart was overwhelmed with love for the little helpless babies that have no mommies or daddies to hold them and love them. I desire with all of my heart to run an orphanage in South America some day. It grieves my heart to see helpless children starving for love and affection. That to me is Hell on earth. No child should ache for such things.

I live in the inner city and have been asking God, "What is your purpose for my family here. Well I am not sure but as my wife and I talked about it tonight, we felt that we are to simply love them.

Today we had 6 children from our community in our back yard and house. It was cool. Our door bell is rung on the hour most days. Tonight we decided that we are going to buy hundreds of freezies and give them to the kids when they come over.

We are already bringing one precious girl from our community to church, and it is my personal desire to invite more to come. It seems very easy for parents to allow thier children to go to "Sunday school". I think that the word "church" has too many negative connections to it. But every parent wants thier kids to be involved in Sunday school.

If we invited all of the children that our kids are in relationship with we would be bringing, 7 kids to church besides our own 5. This excites me. LOL we would have to rope off a Van Loon section at church. Actually I see that if this trend continues, we would have to have others partnering with us to share the load so to speak.

Granted that would open up a whole new area of childrens ministry, but isnt that what the church is about? Reaching beyond our borders. Our church is walking through what it looks like to make disciples. Wouldn't it be exciting to have our children involved in discipling and evangelising peers in thier very Sunday school class.

I sense in my spirit that God is up to something in my community so please pray that my family would be sensitive to the Spirit of God on this matter.

*Side note*
I really need to encourage my kids and let them know that they are being lights in the darkness. They dont realize it but they are setting foundation for spiritual awakening in these very young lives. What an opportunity.


Benjamin said...

Amen, Brother. Too often we over look the awesome power of children evangelism--that is the child work-force in the Church. They probably have the most zeal and faith of almost all people, because they just simply believe. Continue to encourage and instruct them, because you'll be amazed at how much they'll retain. "Instruct a child in the ways of the Lord, and he will not depart from it all of his days." (Solomon) is starting to make worldview resource packets to teach children (Grades 1-6) about the other worldviews in a Christian perspective, thus enabling them to stand against the false doctrines of our day. May the Lord continue to implant in His children His wisdom, love, and discernment.

rene the rugrat said...

I understand your heart to want to encourage your children to be lights and understand it, but conversely I would caution you not to put too much pressure or too many expectations on them. They are children and should be allowed to be children.

You and your lovely wife on the other hand are called to be "Shade for the Children".

Oh, and when you go shopping for the children in the neighbourhood, send me a bill, I would like to contribute to the cause.

carebear said...

It's so easy to stay in our little boxes. In our little lives. Everyday, I'm finding myself asking for God to expand my borders. I am a dancer for the Quebec marriage, and it blows my little picture right out of the water. God has a humungo kingdom He's building and I want to be a part! You kids are a part whether they know it or not! Your house shines on your street. I have a picture of all other houses dark and kids migrating to yours for safety from fear and neglect.
The moment you were accepted for that house, we all knew it was for big plans! Happy freezie eating!

CWG said...

Thanks for the encouragement

Thanks for the warning brother. I agree we can put too much pressure on children. It's on my heart to simply remind them that there is a bigger picture here.

Care bear:
You have no idea how prophetic your comment was. Many years ago my wife had a picture of a war torn area, and there was no peace. She saw the two of us running out into the street and grabbing all of the children and bringing them to a "safe place" I got goose bumps when I read your second last comment about them coming from fear and neglect. Which is exactly the way my wife saw it.

carebear said...

So where are those tips you said you'd email me?

CWG said...

oh ummm they are coming, sorry Ive been busy. I'll try to get to them emailed to you this weekend.

flowerlady said...

You have an amazing family, one which will bring light into the darkness. However, I need to somewhat disagree with Rene. We should never underestimate the capabilities or the purpose that God has for children. They can't be light if they aren't trained to shine. What good does it do if children simply play together for years but the child with the light continually hides it because they're never taught to shine. You have an amazing opportunity to teach your kids to shine, to give them a sense of purpose and direction. We live in an intense battle. There are many countries that kidnap children and train them to be soldiers because they will fight fearlessly and can get in places where adults cannot go. Our children need to be ready to walk with us and fight with us against the forces of darkness. I know that this is your heart and you are engaged in training your kids, but maybe someone else needs to hear that. I will now get off my soapbox and go write a blog on Star Wars. See ya later.