Monday, August 29, 2005

Coffee time

I have been thinking a lot about blogging as of late and have made some decisions based on these thoughts. From now on this blog wont have any jouralling of my personal life. I believe that it is robbing me of getting to know other members of my church family. For example I read some peoples blogs that are in my church and I dont even know them personally. That bothers me. I should get to know these people and find out for myself who they are and not figure it out through thier blog.

So with that said, for those in my church family, if you really want to know what is going on in my life, or you want to get to know me, invite me out for coffee or invite my family over for dinner and I would love to share my heart with you...did I mention inviting me out for coffee?

In search of truth was created to simply share the truth that I am learning through the word of God, more of a place that I can refer to later in life. It wasn't intended to share my journey in life. This isn't a smite against blogging but it is a step that I feel I need to take in order to continue building relationships with the family of believers that I love.


Moose said...

Man I can relate CWG. I feel uncomfortable with not knowing the people really that I read about as well from church. I really do want to know the people I read about in blogs better for sure, and not just from the safety of their blogs. I totally understand and support you CWG. Lets do coffee bro. When are you free? God Bless Ya - Moose

carebear said...

This will come across defensive, and there is no other way that I can get around that.

I don't disagree with you at all and totally back you up in that intimacy comes from person to person contact. I think that those of us that blog need to understand the importance of keeping our relationships real and intamite outside of blogging world. If we were to ONLY blog, it would be a false sense of intamacy. I want to add my agreement with you all the way in those thoughts.
However, I just want to say that God may be calling us all to different places with our blogs and to express different things. As all of you know, I am at this present time sharing some deeper things about my journey and walk. I feel that is where God is leading me right now and I just want to add that God is working some cool miracles through that!!! There have been 2 people that have approached me in our body that have been reading my blog and have been able to relate :):) One of them, I have already had coffee with and the other we are planning to meet sometime next week!! God is using my testimony to reach out and have others reach me!! Being real in my blog has touched more people than I ever thought was possible. So I guess what I'm saying is that if your blog has other purposes, since God is doing different things in all of us.....all for His glory and to bring us all under one purpose and for unity.....That's cool!
I also want to add a caution that sharing certain things would be unwise. Example, sharing anything sexual or personal about your marriages (if your married) would be unwise. Your spouse's story is for them to share if need be. So I am trying to share and be real, but there are things that are not meant for our blogs. Like any kind of gossip, slander or division. Thanks for sharing. I hope this has come out right....
Blessings to you CWG and all other hope bloggers. Let's make sure we are all staying connected!

carebear said...

I just thought of another cool thing that God did through the blogs. you said, "I should get to know these people and find out for myself who they are and not figure it out through thier blog."

Joe and I now have a relationship with "Inner room" and "mad and restless" and it was through reading thier blogs that opened the door to see how much we were alike! Now we have been getting together!
I just thought that was cool!

_cwg_ said...

This is a something that I am in the process of discerning. I can't put my finger on it, but over the last three or so weeks, I have been getting an uneasy feeling in relation to blogging. That is why I decided to be more surface in my blog. To see what it is that I am feeling. It is by no means a smite against fellow bloggers. As you know through previous posts, I am trying to own my own convictions and this seems to be something that I am becoming convicted about. I cannot give you solid reasoning behind it but hopefully as I understand more I will share it. If you know me you will know that I abslutely love being real and open and sharing the wonderful things that God is doing. And I love writing about it and sharing that awsomeness with others. But with that said if there is something that causes me hesitation I need to in good concience take a step back and evaluate why I feel that way I feel. It could be me or it could be God....that is what I need to figure out.

carebear said...

So does this journey of discerning this blogging thing, is it for your blog or for bloggers in general?

CWG said...

Blogging in general but like I said I really have no backing as to why I feel the way that I do...yet. It could just be me...if it biggy. If it's not, I had better search for the truth behind it.