Saturday, August 27, 2005

A great example of being salt and light

On the front page of the Star Phoenix is a full page article on the life and passing of Pastor Dwayne Harms. Please take time to read it. It is inspiring to live a life of holiness and righteousness. His journey and faith in Christ made it to the front page of our local newspaper....Would our life story be a testimony of God's faithfulness...or make it to the media?? I wonder. Anyway read the story and be blessed by this mans life.

Star Phoenix article on Dwayne Harms


Fire Starter said...

No doubt, this man has touched lives. Praise God for turning bad things to good. By his death Dwayne has reached more people than he ever could of in life.

Benjamin said...

Yes, he sounds a lot like Samson, in that in death he has done more than in life. "Lest a wheat seed fall to the ground dead, it will not multiply. But if it does, it will multiply ten, twently, a hundred times." How awesome a God we serve that can use both our lives and deaths to His glory. That is better than any epitath we could ever ask for.

Thanks CWG for sharing this clip. God will always honor His faithful, whether it be with an unexpected article or not. Let us take the example of men like Dwayne to heart, allowing God to minister in all that we do. Peace be given unto you and Pastor Harms family.

Nin said...

Wow, speechless. I feel so honored to be a part of miracles, and this was a miracle.