Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Blog issues

I'm still kicking. I have had some issues with blogging which has caused me to withdrawl from it. I have had some significant conversations with folks that have some personal relationships with other bloggers around the globe. One person in Saskatoon is close to a blogger in Australia. I don't knock blogging in anyway, it's just that I value relationship and dont want someone to simply "log on" to hear my heart. It is sacred, something to be shared with wisdom and discernment. Some things are for me to share while other things are reserved for my closest friends, or for me alone. Blogging can be good in certain circles but if it ever causes someone to "log on" to hear what "CWG" has to say, I'd rather not share it. Sorry I dont mean to sound cold, I'm just feeling very direct at this moment. If what I write breeds edification, encourages and kindly rebukes, then maybe it would be worth sharing, but for now my heart is a sacred vessel from God and I choose to share it wisely. I'm not sure where this post is going, just wanted to breath a bit. Those who know me closest know my motivation. Others will simply need to trust that this is a path for me and I need to walk it.


Moose said...

Bless ya CWG as you walk that out. Yeah I hear your heart. Love ya man. Bless Ya Bro -Moose

Nin said...

Bless you, still love ya,
miss hangin' out with you two.
I understand what you're saying, be blessed to walk out what you feel led to do.
Blessings :)

CWG said...

Hey M & N

Thanks for the comments. It's a weird process that is hard to explain. It's a heart thing for me. Nin I encourage you to continue sharing what God is putting on your heart. It is edifying and building. As you continue to write, your words will begin to have more authority...trust me.
Moose your heart is amazing man. If anyone in blogsville needs an encouraging word they only need you to leave them a comment. Your a great man and I am honored to call you my friend.